Benefits Of Cold Stone Massage

Whereas scorching stone therapeutic massage has been a reasonably frequent sort of bodily remedy for a few years, utilizing chilly stones throughout a therapeutic massage has been turning into more and more fashionable. That’s as a result of chilly stone therapeutic massage is an equally efficient bodily remedy method for relieving ache and discomfort whereas selling leisure.

How Chilly Stone Therapeutic massage Works

Chilly stone therapeutic massage remedy entails chilling clean stones on ice after which gently inserting or rolling them over the face, neck, or different areas of the physique. The cooling sensations from this kind of cryotherapy trigger vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. And as soon as the chilly stones are faraway from the pores and skin, the blood vessels start dilating and supplying recent blood and oxygen to the affected areas.

Chilly Stone Therapeutic massage Advantages

One of many extra apparent advantages of cooling your physique utilizing chilly stones is assuaging discomfort related to excessive physique temperatures and scorching flashes. However past that, there are therapeutic advantages for a wide range of different circumstances. And in contrast to remedies utilizing ice, chilly stones don’t trigger desensitization of the pores and skin.

Chilly stones can promote circulation, scale back infected swelling, lower muscle spasms, and acts as a robust decongestant for the physique. Listed below are among the extra frequent advantages of chilly stone therapeutic massage.

Enhance Circulation

Whereas therapeutic massage remedy utilizing chilly stones may help enhance total circulation, it might additionally assist to cut back hypertension.

Relieve Migraines

When chilly stones are rolled or positioned on the temples, brow, and sides of the face, this therapeutic massage helps scale back the circulate of blood speeding to those areas. This could relieve migraines and extreme complications by lowering pulsing sensations, throbbing ache, and pounding discomfort.

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Soothe Sinusitis

The chilly temperature of the stones throughout this therapeutic massage can enhance lymphatic circulate by opening lymph nodes and draining stagnant fluids. This may help alleviate signs of sinusitis or allergenic rhinitis, and scale back different sinus issues comparable to stress, swelling, congestion, and postnasal drip.

Ease Menstrual Signs

When chilly stone therapeutic massage remedy is completed within the stomach area, it may possibly scale back swelling across the uterus. This may help alleviate some frequent menstrual signs like ache, bloating, and discomfort.

Enhance Pores and skin

As chilly stone therapeutic massage remedy stimulates the pores and skin, it may possibly oxygenate cells which naturally accelerates cell restore. This reduces cell manufacturing of cytokines, which improves the complexion by lowering puffiness or redness within the face.

Sports activities Accidents

Accidents from enjoying sports activities comparable to sore muscle groups, joint ache, and tendinitis could profit from chilly stone therapeutic massage remedy. That’s as a result of cryotherapy remedies can soothe irritation and scale back swelling in these areas.

Loosen up, Refresh, & Revitalize

The cool stones used throughout therapeutic massage may help contract muscle groups, improve circulation, and alleviate bloating. By cooling down the muscle groups and pores and skin, chilly stone therapeutic massage remedy feels soothing, calming, refreshing, and rejuvenating all through the physique, which may additionally scale back stress, relieve rigidity, and enhance vitality ranges.


Whereas chilly stone massages are usually protected and well-tolerated, you need to seek the advice of a physician beforehand you probably have a well being situation which may contraindicate this remedy. This consists of when you’ve not too long ago acquired radiation remedy, you’re pregnant or have coronary heart illness, hypertension, circulatory issues, or blood clots.

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